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Oil Science and Myths of Synthetic Oil

Understanding engine oil maths and science

Nano Technology Offer Much Better Protection!


75% of engine wear happens in cold start - this is not a myth. While most of the traditional chemical-based anti-wear technology requires a certain temperature to be functional, ProPioneer Engineering developed this new technology and rewrite engine oil history. Superior low friction and anti-wear from low temperature to high temperature.

Genuine synthetic engine oil

- High concentration ester formula

- Longer oil drain and better power performance

- Keeps engine clean and longer life

- Superior cold temperature performance

- Much better wear protection

Group III mineral oil is not synthetic oil!

Don't compare Group III (Marketing Synthetic) oil with PPE genuine synthetic oil

PPE Nano Lubricants Extreme series

Race winning engine oil, endurance race-proven, Extreme series delivers extreme performance and ultimate protection from cold start to finish line.

PPE Nano Lubricants Extreme series

From daily driving to sports driving, the High-Performance series delivers power and performance, formulated to give you the confidence of protection beyond that of conventional oil.

PPE Nano Lubricants Extreme series

Choice for premium performance, Premium Sport series provides performance and protection in all environments, from daily sports driving to track day.

PPE Nano Lubricants Extreme series

Low drag formula, fuel-saving, higher efficiency, superior protection from low to high temperature. Available in a wide range of operating temperatures and viscosity.

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Organic Nano Anti-Wear


Understand how organic Nano anti-wear technology works! Tha answer to solve cold start engine wear!

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Understanding Synthetics

Understanding oil groups and play role of synthetic technology om engine oil.

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Anti-Wear and friction comparison

Significant difference in wear protection against traditional oil

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