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Oil Science and Myths of Synthetic Oil

Understanding engine oil maths and science

Engineering for Strength, Reliability and Performance

- Mask production equipment and tooling

- Equipment tuning, customization and upgrade

- High-end mask filter materials

- Face mask design and consultation

- Products range from disposable masks, surgical masks to N95 3D respirators

Industrial Engineering

From engineering design to manufacturing, ProPioneer Engineering is a one stop shop to turn your ideas into reality.​

We offer product design from collecting requirements to producing end products. Our attention to details deliver manufacturing over cost and effectiveness from engineering design level, this can save cost and implement rapid product development strategies.

High Performance

Whether you want to tune up your vehicle for track day, or looking for some experts to setup your race car or race team. ProPioneer Engineering is a one stop engineering shop who can handle all sorts of tune up requirements.​


We have all kinds of high end professional tune up parts, from parts small as a screw and nut, brake components, to one piece forged monoblock wheels, or carbon fiber body panels.


ProPioneer Engineering has in house quality control team, CNC machining, includes CNC turning, CNC milling, 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5 axis, and multi-axle swiss style mill turns. We can handle small scale prototyping to large scale high quantity automated production lines. Many MNC has enjoyed working with us to gain their success about time to delivery and high quality results.

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Have you think of increase power with just an oil change?

Lowers friction, more smooth, less fuel consumption, result in more torque and power output. Simple as just an oil change.

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Organic Nano Anti-Wear


Understand how organic Nano anti-wear technology works! Tha answer to solve cold start engine wear!

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