Motorsports Engineering Service

We fully understand the motorsport industry requires a certain amount of engineering customization. Most of the race teams may have a focus on lap time tuning and race team management work. It is not feasible for race teams to hire your own engineering team or running your own engineering workshop for parts development and fabrication. PPE is the answer for these scenarios. From simple jobs such as a nut and bolt to complex parts and tooling for your composite parts design and production, we offer all these services as one-stop solution. With in house CNC workshop, and access to autoclaves and full experience in professional race supplies, PPE can manage and answer your need for shaving off seconds of lap times. Our logo, inspired by the checkered flag, stands for victory. We play no compromise to science and engineering, with the methodology of "There's no best, only better", we will always find a better way out.

Area of expertise:

- Carbon brake systems

- Hydraulic hose solutions

- Carbon fiber composites tooling

- Customized and application-specific motorsport wheels 

- Rapid prototyping of multi-axis CNC machined parts

- Wheel nuts and bolts customization

- High strength fasteners for engine builds (e.g. head studs)

- Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating service and consultation

- CNC machined oil sumps

- ECU strategy design and development

- Custom engine components (titanium connecting rods)

- Fatigue analysis for metal parts, weight/strength ratio optimization

- Lubricant design and supply for high-performance engines

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Brake Hose Solution

Customized brake hose solution. Full stainless steel fittings or titanium alloy fittings. Optimized strength and durability, we take every single gram off your sprung corners.

To comply with certain race regulations, we have both stainless steel and titanium fittings for your choice.

Nuts and Bolts

We manufacture and design race-proven wheel nuts and bolts. Our experience in design lightweight and high strength fasteners helps us to create the lightest weight steel alloy based wheel nuts. 

To comply with certain race regulations, we have both stainless steel alloy and titanium fittings for your choice.

Race Proven​ Heavy Duty

Stainless alloy steel wheel nuts are designed for heavy-duty usage with harden material.

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Brake Hose Solutions

Finest quality, stainless steel and Titanium brake fittings and hoses

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Super quality wheel nuts & stud conversion kits, stainless alloy and titanium with super light weight

Customized Lightweight Forged Wheels​

Fully customized and weight-optimized forged mono block wheels. We currently lead the wheel industry in customization (include rated load) and wheel precision control. Our wheels maintain a close tolerance in running out after a full season race. This cost you less cost in wheels replacement throughout the season.

These wheels are customized to balance weight/performance/durability to motorsport applications. Size and wheel profile customization for brake caliper clearance. From wheel nut/bolt PCD pattern to single wheel nut center lock selection.

This 18x10.5 forged wheel weighs less than 7kg and is fully customizable from size, offsets, profile, rated load, and color coatings. This sample picture 18" wheel is designed to fit a 380mm brake disc with 6-pot monoblock caliper.

Endurance Race Winning ​Lubricant - Nano Lubricants Extreme

PPE Nano Lubricants has a proven track record in winning endurance race. By reducing significant fuel consumption by lowering friction, less heat, more power, higher efficiency.

We offer fully customize lubricants service from gearbox oil, engine oil, and hydraulic oil.

Brake System​

Custom sized and designed brake disc service are available from PPE. From standard cast iron floating discs brakes, carbon-carbon and carbon-ceramic discs for high-end motorsports applications.

All these brake material is custom machined to specific application specifications. These brake discs are manufactured using continuous fiber methods and have a much better heat strength than chopped fiber technologies. All material is aerospace-grade and race-proven.

To inquire for customized engineering parts and services, please contact us directly.

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