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Oil Science and Myths of Synthetic Oil

Understanding engine oil maths and science

Products for the Extremes


PPE offers the most quality designed products to releash your passion in art and engineering. Showing off our ability of attention to details.

Wheels - Forged Mono Block Constructions


PPE forged monoblock wheels are designed to be high strength, stylish and lightweight. Forged from 6061-T6 solid aerospace grade aluminum alloy, designed by several thousand hours of CAD/CAM and FEA works and made by precision CNC machining process, every PPE wheel is an engineering masterpiece. The wheels are available from 17” to 22” diameters, custom offsets, PCD and center bore to fit wide range of tuning applications.

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Nano Anti-Wear Technology

By adopting physical anti-wear technology, this is the answer to cold start engine wear !

Brake Hose Solutions

Extreme quality of brake hose solutions. From stainless steel to titanium alloy fittings constructions to handles the most extreme environment and applications to ensure reliable functionality and durability.



Designed by in depth mechanical engineering know how to cope with the most demanding requirements pf high performance engines. Innovative Nano Power Lubricants, superior anti-wear and anti-friction formula to protect engines from most severe working environments, from cold start to the racing finish line.

High Strength Super Light Weight Wheel Nuts


By using proprietary composition stainless alloy steel with special hardening and tempering formulae, PPE creates one of the strongest and lightest wheel nut on earth. Our stainless alloy wheel nut is made by super high strength material, and it is also one of the lightest in the current market. PPE wheel nuts allows continuous usage under the most extreme high temperature environment without deformation.

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Understanding Synthetics

Understanding oil groups and play role of synthetic technology om engine oil.

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