Industrial & Engineering

Wide Range of Material Expertise


We have a wide range of material expertise, from traditional metal alloys (e.g steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloys, polymer) to the latest composite materials (e.g. carbon fiber composites). We understand processes, material behavior, surface treatments, heat treatments, surface finishing. We have enough understanding of materials to provide you the most suitable suggestion of process and material to meet your requirements compromising the cost and effectiveness of your end product.

Process Engineering


You have a part that needs high precision and strength requirements. It has a high demand for volume and consistency. Any high volume production is less than 97% yield rate is not a feasible solution. We know that sometimes it's difficult to find the right guy to talk to. Don't be frustrated, PPE is a reliable supplier of best industry practice. With the high discipline of ethics, you can feel free to send us your part details and requirement for inquiry for a better solution.

Equipment Design

From CNC machining, tooling, and surface finishing equipment. For a simple metal part like a washer, to a complex part like an after market forged alloy wheel polishing, we have all those experience to innovate and prooved that we play no compromise in sorting out human interventions and labor-intensive processes with consistencies.

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