Nano Anti-Wear Technology

ProPioneer Engineering (PPE) lubricant design goal has set to break through traditional engine oil limitations. ZDDP, zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate, is a well known effective traditional anti-wear additive to engine oil since the 1940s. While zinc is a known harmful component to catalytic convertors, its usage has been limited by API and ACEA, and increase in restriction in newer standards. Later on, Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is developed from Germany, aim as a replacement for ZDDP. However, the effect of oxidation and the use of these metal-based anti-wear raises long term toxicity concerns,  especially toxic to aquatic wildlife. PPE decided to use something different, non-toxic and have better anti-wear behavior than traditional technologies.

During that time, we have inspected various high-performance engine oil in the market, collecting all the advantages from existing oil formulas, and optimizing all the shortcomings. Vowing to break through the inheritance of high performance with a short life, and non-performance oil with longevity. SAE has well defined about lubricant performance standards, PPE decided to do something different. Instead of meeting minimum requirements, all design goal is to exceed all existing requirement in both low-temperature performance and high-temperature viscosity sustainability.

A smooth metal test piece installed on a lever, a hardened metal turning wheel immersed in sample oil driven by an electric motor. While turning oil is driven up between the rubbing surface of the wheel. By adding weights to a lever on left causing load/pressure between the test piece and turning wheel. PPE Nanon Lubricants hold up more than 30 weights while the wheel continues to turn and causing very little wear.

To achieve the above requirements, years over years of research and development, until the end of 2014, PPE has come to a breakthrough in organic nanotechnology. With superior viscosity durability and high-temperature sustainability, the born of Nano Power Lubricants (Nanon Lubricants) has superior anti-wear capability under both low and high temperature, multiple times better than traditional ZDDP and MoS2 additives. This technology has immediately applied to engine oil, gear oil, and industrial lubricants, etc.

With extensive laboratory tests, road tests and results from endurance races, PPE lubricants have proven itself to be an award-winning lubricant. Disregard PPE lubricants have exceeds general standards, it has also proven itself outperforms the capabilities of ordinary lubricant in many areas. For instance, its superior anti-wear capability at all temperatures, during an anti-wear test, with enormous pressure load causing only minimal wear on a test piece in all conditions. In a micro perspective, nano-size particles fill micro-cracks on rough/worn surfaces, forming a roller bearing layer between moving parts, forming an effective low friction layer which withstands 250C working temperature.

Anti-wear experiment results comparison with famous motorsport focused brand synthetic engine oil using new oil out of the bottle.

The left anti-wear test piece ran for consecutive 10 minutes with more than 20 weights, resulting in test piece working temperature has gone up to 200C with very minimal wear.

The right anti-wear test piece ran for ZDDP and MoS2 based lubricants, only 4-5 weights is used on the same testing environment causing significant wearing.

Test piece on used oil after roughly 15,000km of service. Demonstrating superior anti-wear capability even after engine oil is used for 6-months and distance driving.

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Test videos of producing the above results are available below:

Comparison between a world-famous full synthetic engine oil, cold or high-temperature anti-wear and frictional properties are no match with Nano lubricants.

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